I'm not really a fan of Mexican food.

I always feel that I could pick anything on the menu and the dish will turn out tasting more or less the same at any other dish I could have chosen. Flavours don't seem to vary much from dish to dish.

I do however, like Mexican soups, especially the spicy ones, and plan to make one at home some time.

After our dinner plans were thwarted because we did not make reservations, we headed for Margarita's, a place we recently heard about from a friend who lives around the corner from the restaurant.

It is exactly the type of restaurant that we would like. Free parking, in a quiet neighbourhood, quaint decor, reasonably good service, and not too bad food.

We decided on something quick as we had guests at home watching the Liverpool vs Manchester United match, and wanted to get home before the match ended.

So it was a tortilla soup to share, and a platter (I forgot what it is called!) for two. The sauces were really tasty (especially the spicy bean one) and the strips of beef tender and juicy. The soup was pretty good too, with the right flavours and very hearty.

Best Mexican food I've tasted (not that I've had a lot though)

Not bad!


Anonymous said...

I kinda agree with you on how mexican dishes don't vary much in taste & ingredients. But something about the cuisine makes me crave for it once in a while.

Been meaning to try out Margarita's, hmm, i always get excited when i read a review on a blog. You might have just gave me a kick in the butt to go try!

p.s. yay that Liverpool won!

Anonymous said...


"quiet neighbourhood, quaint decor, reasonably good service, and not too bad food." Sounds like the kind of restaurant I like. Will try it soon. ;-)

So, which team were you guys rooting for?

LIVERPOOL, go go go!!! ;-P


imp said...

hehe. this has been a month of mexican food for me too!

must be because it's its Independence month! :)

Jacinta said...

Looks pretty interesting! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

melly! I've been wondering how to contact you. I can't seem to leave any comments on your blog. No button appears to click "send"! I'm very pleasantly surprised that everyone seems to get most excited when I post about food. Haha.

CDR: Definitely worth a try! I'm a Man U fan by default! heh. Not a real fan. But they won everything last season already anyway.

imp: Really! Which others did you go to? I still don't like it so much leh.

jacinta: I loved the decor. They had really good colourful rustic wooden seats. Couldn't take photos coz there were other diners!