Killing the germs

It has been almost a week and I'm still sporting a bad throat.

Last night we decided to have dinner at West End, where I was a copycat and ordered a T-bone steak like Roboman. I had very little for lunch, so I was famished, and relished the thought of tucking into good steak. Alas, it slipped my puny brain that the T-bone, unlike my usual order of Tenderloin, was going to be tougher, meatier, and would scratch my throat.

Anyway, Roboman always believes that alcohol kills germs in the throat. He says whiskey does it best. I ordered a glass of the house red wine instead, and loved the feeling of fluttery tickles down my throat as I sipped it throughout dinner.

Amazingly the throat felt totally fine after dinner! I forgot about whiskey when we got home, and promptly went to bed.

Today, my throat is no longer painful, but it feels scratchy and occasionally itchy. Seems like it is healing!

Tonight I'm going to try whiskey to kill off the rest of the germs!


imp said...

did the whisky help?? whisky with soda!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Again only for the evening! This morning my throat still feels a little scratchy. I had it on the rocks, didn't have any soda at home!