Friends @ Work

For colleagues who become friends, I naturally open my life up to them.

I introduce them to the important people in my life, share my frank views about many issues, and am happy to spend after-work hours together. They are the ones whom I would actively seek out for meals and offer lifts when I am heading towards town. It is a respite from the work environment being with them, and I feel I can be myself, even if that means being quiet or even grouchy.

So while I really wasn't totally impressed with the food at Szechuan Court, I enjoyed the evening spent together.

As for the food, well, I enjoyed the spicy Szechuan style cod fish soup, and the pork rib. The Zhajiang Mian was also a surprise delight - light and flavourful despite the suspicious-looking bright yellow of the noodles.

The typical Szechuan fare of Kung Pao Chicken though, was a real disappointment. They used cheap peanuts instead of the tastier cashew nuts! The sauce was also a tad too sweet and the chicken pieces not well-seasoned. We didn't think it was acceptable for the kind of prices they were charging. Roboman recalls of good Chinese restaurants in KL that even use macademia nuts!

Although we might not have ordered the restaurant's specialities, I doubt I would choose to dine here again when Szechuan food craving hits. I can think of other little small eateries that would better hit the right spots.


~tif;fany* said...

you can do the dishes yourself at home next time! :)

Jacinta said...

I actually really like their Wanton Mee! :)~

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

tiff: Maybe!

jacinta: Oh, maybe they're good for their noodles then!

Anonymous said...

i think you'll do a better version of the kung pao chicken. really! i will volunteer the macadaemias!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Ooo, Ok for the macademias maybe I'll try! heh