Formula 1 - Singapore Grand Prix

I actually made it to watch the qualifying round of the first ever Formula 1 night race!

We were hanging out at Greenwood Avenue with 2 other couples having dinner at Pepperoni. While deciding what to do after dinner, one of the girls suddenly quipped that her brother had 3 tickets to give away. Her husband, not being a fan, had preferred to hang out with us all, rather than to go (again, for him) to watch an F1 race.

So, as it was, the guys were only too ready to let us 3 girls go experience the race. It was then a mad rush to get home to pick up a (better) camera, and head to the race venue. The guys ended up chilling at our home.

Anyway, as far as an untrained eye (and ear), and non-fan's opinions of the race goes - the atmosphere certainly had a buzz in it. I for one was quite thrilled by just how loud the engines of the cars go, especially the tud-tud-tud sounds they make when shifting gears to make the bends.

I had borrowed Roboman's SLR, after getting a 2 minute verbal guide about how to use it. Alas, I just could not understand that piece of equipment, and ended up using my trusty Canon Ixus 8015.
We were seated near a stairwell where we could climb to look down at the cars as they made a sharp turn. We weren't allowed to photograph the cars right from above them (perhaps for security and safety reasons), so we positioned ourselves diagonally above, hoping to get glimpses of the cars. After many fluke shots (they were JUST TOO FAST), this photo below is the best one I got. Muahahahaha
So am I now an F1 convert? A fan friend texted me after the race. Hmmm...unfortunately no. Besides the flash cars, and engine wooshes, and the glitz that goes with it, I must say it is more of great marketing than a great sport to watch.

Still, I'm proud that Singapore pulled this iconic event off, the horrid squeeze of the crowds after the race notwithstanding.

I won't be there to watch the actual race tonight. Flying off for a few days for a beach holiday. But this blog will continue to be updated, so stay tuned :)


imp said...
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imp said...

vrrrrooooom vroooooooom. u didn't get ear plugs?!!!

the party atmosphere's quite hot huh! that's one thing i don't mind checking out- next year!

happy holidays you.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Yes I was! It was ok when I was watching from the stands, but when I was in the stairwell, the sounds were intensified!! Thanks :)

Jacinta said...

Have a wonderful holiday! :)))

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

jacinta: Thanks :) I did!