Flowers for me

I have been feeling under the weather this weekend, with a painful throat and a lingering headache.

Thankfully after downing lots of Vit C tablets and Manuka Honey on Friday night, I managed to get myself out of bed on Saturday and keep a date with a friend.

She wanted to pop by the nursery to pick up some flowers. I love going to there, seeing rows and rows of beautiful flowers of different types. I would have lingered longer to pick out other things they sold, like vases and ribbons, but I was feeling woozy, so I settled with a (huge) bunch of little flowers.

Looking at them makes me happy :)


Anonymous said...

Nice flowers!

This bug is really going around. In fact, I just recovered from it last weekend after two days MC and now I've passed it to my family and two other colleagues! :(


Jacinta said...

Really pretty! Flowers cheer me up very easily too. :D

~tif;fany* said...

get well soon!

hemma said...

Get well soon dear!!! For one thing, u have to stop running around so much and just get good rest :)

imp said...

ugh. hope you're feeling much better today. get out of the office air-con on the dot! that always make me sick.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

CDR: Yes, lots of colleagues are falling ill. And it is the same sore throat/cough symptoms :(

jacinta: We're the flower girls! Hehe. I like the little bunches you often get too, just that since I was at the nursery, they all came in huge bunches. haha

tiff: Thank you! I hope so too. This one seems to be lingering but not full blown :(

hemma: Me the roadrunner. Hehe. I don't know why I always end up with so many things to do!

imp: I feel the same without medication :( This bug is lingering but not really getting full blown - which is not that good. boo hoo