Weekly Chef - Prawn Vongole

The vongole that did not.

I was craving for clams and decided to give Beanbean's recipe a try. Unfortunately for 2 days in a row I arrived too late at the supermarket and the clams were sold out :(

So I decided to make do with prawns, and threw in mushrooms and a leftover tomato.

It didn't, as expected, have the lovely mellow-sweet taste of clams of course, but it was pretty yummy still :)

Simmering goodness as the white wine was being reduced


Leftovers I had for lunch the next day :)


mummybean said...

ah, yes, i sometimes use seafood when i can't get clams, but clams are nicer somehow. did you like it?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

beanbean: Yes I did! I loved the flavours. Thanks again for the recipe :) I overloaded on the Italian parsley though, which has a pretty strong taste, so I ended up having to pick them out =P