The weather has been exceptionally rainy these few days. In fact it has been raining almost the entire weekend, from non-stop drizzles to heavy downpours.

It is worrisome because this could mean really bad weather when we are in Hongkong, especially with Typhoon Nori shutting down the city last Friday. It is after all, typhoon season there (a fact I didn't know till I read up about it last week! shoot me)

While we're keeping tabs on the news however, I'm enjoying the coolness of the air and the inevitable coziness it brings to afternoon naps.

I'm glad for the blockout curtains we bought soon after we moved into our apartment. We started off only with the thin ones you see in the middle of this photo. One night however, when my mum came by, she exclaimed that any passerby could see everything that was happening in our room even with our curtains down =P After putting in an additional curtain rail and hanging up another set of thicker curtains, I can now nap in the afternoons in semi-darkness.

I love the sound of rain beating down on our window-panes, and the distant rumble of thunder.


Fenghuo said...

Hope your trip to HK would go well too! =)

Anonymous said...

i love the rain. but hopefully the weather clears up over HK soon.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

fenghuo: Thank you :)

imp: Yes to rain if I don't have to take public transport - otherwise it can be really inconvenient :( Clear skies for HK!!

mummybean said...

blackout curtains are a godsend. i'm loving the cool weather esp given my perpetually warm state! haha.