Oyster Rush

As part of the seafood meal, we had a huge platter of oysters. There were more than enough to go around, so everyone agreed that Roboman and I should have a second helping each!

Apparently a cheeky nudge about the baby-making process :D

The oysters were HUGE


Anonymous said...

Hi, corsage! New comer to yor site. Yor blog is nice. :)
Refer to the post :
Is it? I nvr know about that can nudge some secret recipe for the baby-making. Hehe..

Celcilia Tjioe

corsage said...

Hi Cecilia, thanks for popping by! Well, oysters supposedly have aphrodisiac properties :) hee

wendy said...

yes yes oysters. but i heard it's the man that's supposed to eat it... haha! :P

corsage said...

wendy: Oh! LOL Well I got to eat extra oysters anyway so I ain't complaining!

moo said...