Mum's Cooking

My mum's the sweetest!

She decided to do a National Day dinner for all of us. In my family, we have a yearly National Day dinner tradition. My mum would cook a one-dish meal (eg. Claypot Chicken Rice) and we would gather to watch the parade on TV.

This year, she decided to do a spicy Laksa, AND brought the food to our place! She thought the cousin-in-law would enjoy a spicy dish. My grandma also came along, so it was a nice little family gathering =)

Mum also brought lots of fruits (she feels I don't have enough fruit in my diet!), and cut the watermelon into Christmas tree shapes - how fun! She says it prevents us from getting watermelon all over our cheeks! heh heh


~tif;fany* said...

very sweet of your mum!! =)

ahhh the watermelon, can have 1 slice in 1 bite! :DD

Little Miss Snooze said...

So nice of your mummy! Mummies are the best!

Anonymous said...

quite a good idea - the watermelon! i shld start doing that too...

Mama Bee Simple said...

I'm giving you a blog award as you really inspire me from your posts :)

hope you check it out! (my latest post)

another great recipe ♥

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

tiff: yes, it is almost bite-sized!

lms: Yay and you're one too :)

moo: I have no patience to cut them like that myself =P But do give it a shot - for Christmas, maybe?

monika: Yay, thanks! :)