I need air

I am now experiencing what I call the "Pre-holiday Work Crunch". It is during these times that I question my choice of timing to go for a break. But thinking back, I have never really found the perfect time to get away from work.

On another note, I took one of our American partners out last evening for a bout of shopping and food. It is her first time in Singapore, and she doesn't have much free time away from work engagements. She wanted to buy some clothes and homeware.

And oh my, she bought SO MUCH STUFF! It was incredibly fun watching her try on silk jackets after silk jackets, and giving her my 2 cents' worth of opinions. She also bought tons of embroidered table cloths and table runners, and lots of sequinned drapes. I think she spent about $2K in just one night. I was glad I helped her help our economy! hee hee

I wonder if I'll be as productive in Hongkong?



mummybean said...

oh, i thought you left for HK already! there's never a perfect time to take a holiday -- everytime i try to do that, delays in projects, etc. always screw up my plans. so now i try to steel myself to just pick the dates and go!

Jacinta said...

Can't wait for you to visit HK and show us pic.s! Hehe. :D

imp said...

happy holiday babe. try not to buy an extra luggage bag to fill the shopping! :) great weather i hope!

Jo said...

Have a fabulous time, and we want pictures.

Lots of pictures!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Everyone: I've started my entries on the HK trip! Enjoy :)