Daddy's Big Hands

Our university Chaplain flew in to attend a friend's wedding. We took the opportunity to gather a few close uni-mates for a simple dinner at our place.

A couple who just returned from living in the US brought their little 3-month-old daughter along. It was my first time seeing her in real-life (saw lots of photos). She is a really sweet baby.

I was amused with how her father's hands could wrap all the way around her little body! He is a tall strapping fellow, so it is natural that he would have big hands. But still, I never noticed how big his hands were until he carried his baby girl :)

I'm reminded that this is how life is sometimes. We forget how big our God is, and how He is holding us in His big hands!

Matthew 7:9-11


Arielle said...

aww cute baby
i wish her dress came in my size :] i like the pattern

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

arielle: It is a very pretty pattern! I noticed it right away. I love the colour and the print. Really sweet :)