There are Prawns and there are prawns

There are only very few dishes that I take pride in doing well.

Fried rice is one of them. I'd like to think I do a mean fried rice. I feel that I have a knack for throwing together different ingredients each time, but always managing to ensure the right balance of delicious flavours.

This week, I craved for salmon, and so I decided to whip up Salmon Fried Rice.

At the supermarket, I spied a little tray of READY PEELED prawns. I had no intention of using prawns, but when I saw the ready peeled ones sitting there I got rather excited. I have prawns! I don't need to peel them (and get my fingers poked)! They are small! I don't have to cut them up!

So I happily bought them.

Seasoned the fish.

Fried the rice.

You know what? I was so disappointed that the little prawns totally spoilt the flavours of the rice :( They were overly salty and had a certain fishiness to them (prawns can taste fishy?). There were even little bits of prawn shell that didn't get peeled off properly. The prawns killed the lovely taste of the salmon, which was I hoping would be the main flavour to the rice.

Next time, I don't care if I get poked in the fingers. I would fall back on what I usually do: Buy large tiger prawns and peel them myself.


mummybean said...

yeah, i've learnt never to buy the pre-packaged peeled prawns from cold storage either - i think they peel and package them when the prawns are not as fresh. Guess we'll have to stick to peeling them overselves.

YOur fried rice looks yummy btw!

Little Miss Snooze said...

I agree with beanbean. Pity abt your friend rice, its not easy to make a good mean fried rice!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

beanbean: You must be right! I learnt the hard way. haha

lms: I cook the rice a day before and leave it in the fridge! Then it won't stick and can be fried properly :)

Anonymous said...

at least you just need one time to learn this.

i thought it was pure bad luck when i had nasty smelling prawns the last time from cold storage too. then i was convinced never to buy it from them when it happened again.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

moo: You kena-ed too! Never again, yah! =)

Anonymous said...

Do not despair!! You can order them from us. Not to be all pushy but seriously, our prawns are super duper fresh and all peeled and deveined so you don't have to do any peeling at all. Best thing, they are frozen so you can take out as many as you want and keep the rest back in the fridge to use next time!

Check it out:

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

amanda: Thanks! I'll be sure to try that someday :)