Taking a deep breath

We didn't have dinner till really late.

The team was at a hotel preparing for a big event. We went through every little detail over and over. We discussed possible scenarios and did our best to cover all ground.

Then suddenly, at the final dry run, our main computer CRASHED.
Nothing we did could revive it.

The video CD in there had to be pried out.

Thankfully everything has been backed up. Now we have to see how to manage the situation. Time is running out.


ame said...

oh dear. hope everything goes well!!

imp said...

oh no! luckily you've backed up the info. yay to that. hope all is well now.

corsage said...

ame & imp: Thankfully things went ok :) We were nervous but we hope it did not show!

BeanBean said...

goodness. thankfully you had backups!