Playhouse Memories

I spyed this little cardboard playhouse and it brought back such memories! This one looked like it came ready made, but as little girls my sis and I had DIY ones made by my dad. He would cut up large cardboard boxes, and joined them up to make tunnels, towers and such.

I remember we once had a little house with cut-out windows too. We would make our own little curtains using scrap cloth, bring in our stuffed toys, blankets and kitchen sets, and spent hours playing imaginary roles.

Those were very happy days! :)


L.I.N said...

OMG. i still have my mickey mouse playhouse. it's in its packaging box, collecting dust on the top of my wardrobe :D

i remembered how my cousins and I used bedsheets and cliped them onto our dining chairs to create a "tent". know why we did that? for we couldn't fit into that tiny playhouse no more!! haha.

Little Miss Snooze said...

I had to create my own playhouse using bedsheets draped over furniture! :P

Just to satisfy my childhood "want", we bought Bbnat a "tent" with playballs for him. Haha. I can still sit in with him! Heee :P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

eleh: oh! I'm sure you'll put that house into use someday :) Yes we had the bedsheet thing too. I wonder if kids do that these day!

lms: Haha, we did the bedsheets thing too! The colours inside the tent would depend on the colour of the sheets...hee... Tent with playballs! Fun! Like the Ikea ball room!

Anonymous said...

i had that house, exact identical one! and my bro & i had to colour it in as fast as we could cos our younger sister demanded so.

come to think of it now, jees, why did we listen to her?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

melly: Hi there! I'm sure yours was coloured much prettier :) This was was rather messy!

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