My Morning

I'm off work today because of an adverse allergic reaction to some bad mozzie bites. The last time this happened, my ankles swelled so badly they looked sprained. I wanted to take a day off to rest. Just as well that the doctor felt I deserved a medical certificate.

I'm so glad for this morning, which was a beautiful one of quiet observations and reflections

1. At the doctors I saw not one but THREE fathers with their little sons! It was very heartening to know that these fathers took the morning off to accompany their sick little ones to the doctor. I usually see mothers doing that. Hardly ever fathers. One little boy must have been really feverish. His dad laid him down on the chair and was tenderly massaging and caressing him. Another father bantered cheerfully with his son, while still another held his son close while the little one rested his head on his father's belly.

2. An old lady in a wheelchair was selling packets of tissue paper. 3 for $1. When I walked up close she hesitantly said "Tissue paper?" in Mandarin-accented English. She smiled. I put $2 in her hand and thanked her. I walked away quickly without thinking. Typical mental check off my list of things to do. I wish I took time to stay to chat. Next time I will.

3. I sat at O'Brien's for breakfast. As I munched on a bacon and cheese sandwich, and reading my borrowed copy of Freakonomics, a beautiful little British baby girl (I assume British from her mother's accent) gurgled next to me and pointed to my food. Apparently my sandwich looked more tempting than the Cheerios her mother was feeding her :)

4. Later, a beautifully dressed mother and grown up daughter came to join me at my table. I quietly marvelled at their impeccable dressing and make-up, feeling underdressed with my makeup-less face and mozzie bites ridden ankles. But we quickly felt comfortable in each others' company, and I found out they were from Malaysia and had come to see relatives.

5. There were a bunch of Indian workers doing some construction work at the foot of my apartment block. I heard one of them before I saw him :) Because he was singing a Bollywood sounding tune as he worked. When he saw me, we both smiled, then he continued singing where he left off, doing his work with a lighthearted gait.

That's Life, isn't it? God made (and loves) us all :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are enjoying your day of rest! :) Have a good breather. You are certainly making the effort to stop and smell the roses!

Jo said...

Enjoy your day of R and R (rest and recuperation). And how wonderful to see fathers with their children in the doctor's office.

imp said...

such a lovely morning.

and beautiful moments. :) (reminds me that i should stop whining!)

The Rust said...

thanks for sharing! It's uplifting to hear your happy observations and experiences. :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

I really enjoyed this post of your one morning. So many observations of people from all walks of life.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

ruth: Yes I am! Wish the day wouldn't pass so fast though.

jo: Fathers and sons! Was sweet. Would be thrilled to see fathers and daughters sometime too.

imp: Don't be silly - we all rant sometimes! It Was a lovely morning :)

the rust: I'm glad it was uplifting to you! I certainly felt a since of quietness and peace.

lms: Thank you! Looks like I have to take time to do this more often!

candice said...

i like to observe people at clinics too and imagine what sorta background they come from, etc.

a day off once in awhile is good! glad you had a good rest.

Anonymous said...

lovely... and hope you're better.

Anonymous said...

yo. *pat pat* on your ankle!

AlasMyDear said...

what a beautiful morning you had! i wish all mornings could be this restful and full of small joys.

hope you're all better today :)

Jemej said...

Very nicely observed - sometimes, in our haste and busy schedules, we forget to stop and take in the sights around us. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

candice: Yep! And also how people behave when they are ill!

moo: Was absolutely groggy this morning from the medication and the scarring's bad :(

wendy: Hee thanks!

alasmydear: mornings can contain such beautiful moments! But most of us just scurry around all the time :(

jemej: definitely. I'm usually grouchy in the mornings =P