A little touch

A bunch of magazines I left in the guestroom for our friends :)
I didn't realise how many magazines we've been buying! I left them 5 different titles, excluding Roboman's regular Top Gear, and our weekly subscription of The Economist. I figured 5 is enough for a short weekend.


Little Miss Snooze said...

How thoughtful. I'm sure your guests will appreciate these little gestures to make their stay more homely.

Anonymous said...

its a lovely gesture! i'm still trying to sort out my place... :(

i love smitten too!

L.I.N said...

aww. aren't you a great host.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

lms: They loved lounging around with the mags :)

ruth: Awww, I didn't do that much! Just made the beds! Smitten's great for shopping finds.

eleh: Am still learning!