A friend asked me if it made a difference to me if I received a single stalk versus a bunch of flowers. He wanted to know if I would think a guy is being cheap if he gave me only a single stalk.

I found that conversation interesting because it reminded me of all the flowers I have ever received.

I remember my mother being very amused when I came back from school one day with a huge bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers. It was my first year in a co-ed school, and a schoolmate had skipped classes to buy the roses for me. It could have been one of the first few times (if not the first) that he bought flowers for a girl. It came in a huge plastic box, and being shy, he walked up to me, left it at my feet where I was seated, and quickly walked away.

I was very embarrassed (everyone was staring) and didn't quite know how to react. I said a simple "thank you" while my girlfriends were squealing around me. I brought the flowers home and presented them to my mum.

Since then, I have to say that I have received more than my fair share of flowers.

Through the conversation I had today, I was made aware that it has never mattered to me what form the flowers came in. They could have been single stalks, little bunches or huge bouquets.

It has always been the giver, rather than the flowers, that makes a difference for me.

I'm always thrilled when Roboman presents me with flowers. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :) They tell me that he thought about me during the day, and wanted me to feel special and loved. I never care what flowers they are!


Anonymous said...

that is very true.

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Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

theysaywordscanbleed: =)

Little Miss Snooze said...

I like the thought of receiving flowers, but I always feel it's very "sayang" when the flowers wither. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm like little miss snooze. I love receiving flowers but I feel heartpain because they are so expensive!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

lms + madmoneymonkey: There's that practical side to us! I've asked Roboman to get flowers from the nursery instead - because I like having flowers in vases anyway. But he has yet to follow my suggestion!

AlasMyDear said...

aw...what a sweet jc story :))

i don't much like receiving flowers, only because i don't like watching them wilt...that makes me cry :'(