Elle Bag Hooks

Although we read lot of magazines, Elle has never been one of my regular buys. So I was surprised when a friend raved about the bag hooks they are giving away with each Elle Singapore July's issue. I hadn't even noticed them at magazine stands.

When I saw hers, I had to get them! So at 11.45pm, we drove to a 7-Eleven, where I grabbed two!

I put my newly acquired hook to the test. Granted, they are not as pretty as Chanel's bag hooks [right, Imp? :)], but they are sturdy and pretty decent looking (just don't create thumbprints on them!). The under-side of the weight is rubberised, so with the weight of a bag on the hook, it sits firmly on the table.

I was elated, and so we trooped to another 7-Eleven. There were only TWO copies left. It was a SIGN. The Imp and I grabbed a copy each.

A proud owner of now 3 bag hooks, I popped over to mum's place after work to pass her two - One for her and one for sis.

The only thing I would have done differently with this design would be to make the hook slightly longer. Currently, only tables of a certain thickness would allow the hook to work. It certainly didn't fit the tables at Imperial Treasure (Teochew Cuisine) last night!


imp said...

u know u meticulously cleaned the shiny flat top to rid it of marks? then i slowly put my thumbprint on it?

that look on your face was priceless!

gave me the giggles all day!

Anonymous said...

the shiny surface is kinda driving me nuts... but yes, i still like it! time to use it again soon.

Little Miss Snooze said...

Yes yes, that's my gripe about the hook too. It can't fit all tables!

I rem when my bag and hook fell off the table (cos I was clumsy!) and as I was pregger,I can't bend to pick up. I had to SOS my gf to do so. She can't stop laughing about it. Even till now, when I use the hook.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: You naughty imp! I have a fatter thumb okayyy =P Beware!

ruth: hahaha, much like how thumbprints get on shiny phones!

lms: Yeah! I'm gonna try again to see if the table(s) I use tonight can fit it!

Anonymous said...

wow this is making me want to get one. but i guess it must be hooked on the side of the table such that it doesn't interfere with one's legs!

Anonymous said...

I bought one today after reading your post :) Didn't fit the Ichiban Boshi's table either. It's a niffy idea though.

hemma said...

wow i must be living in a hole. had NO CLUE there was such a thing until your post :) looks pretty! And you can use it for lots of stuff..grocery bags, wet umbrellas and naughty kids/otherhalves.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

poiemakoinonia: go get one to try! I've realised it is nifty for some bags and tables more than others.

myeisha-I: Another one bites the dust! :)

hemma: you're right! I can imagine having a whole row of hooks with different things hanging on them now :)

mummybean said...

i think these bag hooks are a great idea - they've been a life saver. now i'm thinking maybe i should get more and put one in each bag! haha

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

beanbean: Go grab some! The Holland Village mag stand still had them yesterday!