Bin It

Someone "decorated" a trash bin next to a public carpark.
I thought it was pretty cool.

It was very telling though that there was no recycling bin in sight!


AlasMyDear said...

i like the fangs :)

and i love how you keep having new foodie blog banners. you do take gorgeous photos! you make me hungry....

idaidaida said...

i love the letterboxes which are decorated. its almost similar to these bins.

Mama Bee Simple said...

that is soooo cool :D amazing!

thanks for your comment, & have a great day!!

Monika ♥

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

alasmydear: Haha! The friend that was with me insisted that I took a picture from the fangs angle! Oh I hadn't realised that I was doing so many food pics! But it is fun to change things around :)

idaidaida: Oh yes, I think I've seen those. This one seemed to have been done by a random person though.

monika: Yup, rather cool!