Aigner Bag Outfit 1

Remember this bag I bought?

Well, I wore it out today.

I pulled on a stripey ruffled blouse I have not worn in ages (because it requires ironing), a pair of dark brown capris, and then decided that my bag matched my outfit.

Alas a dear friend berated me for putting together blue and brown!

Nevermind the bag.
Apparently my top and bottom do not match :(

But I am very thick-skinned. I'd like to think that it is a touch of the unexpected. I have done far worse :)


Anonymous said...

actually, blue and brown works. what's more yours is a stripy thingy with ruffles. it works way better than plain black. or white. or beige.

it's black and brown that's the cardinal sin....

i like this look. it does go well. really.

Anonymous said...

actually it doesn't look bad. serious.

Anonymous said...

it din match! :-D hehe. the colour of ur pants doesn't show in the pic! i must protest.

Anonymous said...

yeah from the pic i can't tell the pants were brown. actually brown is a neutral color. like black and white and grey. so usually brown should be able to match almost everything. Which is why bags and shoes are common in brown leather... :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: black and brown! oops, I've done that before. But with VERY carefully chosen pieces and accessories

moo: yay! :)

ame: tee hee...I said they were brown! Anyway, okay lah, maybe not the best =)

wendy: that's why we all need different types of neutral coloured shoes and handbags, plus bright ones for a different spin :) Too many =P