Stuck Down Under

We're now stuck at Sydney's airport due to a 4 hour flight delay :( It is kind of nasty that the airport is undergoing refurbishment so some parts have been blocked off. 

Thankfully we have been given some food vouchers, so at least we will be fed.

But we had a fabulous time spent in the Land of Sheep. Having not been able to get off work earlier in the year, we weren't quite sure about heading to New Zealand in winter. God was wonderful though, and blessed us with fantastic sunny weather throughout our holiday. The air was cold but crisp, and it was beautiful.

We experienced warm Kiwi hospitality from family there, and are quite sure we've put on some weight from the large amounts of oysters, fish, lamb and beef we have eaten.

I can't wait to sort out our photos and document our time spent there.

But first, we need to rest up for a couple of hours before hitting the office!


Anonymous said...

ooh! happy vacations! did u bring me a real woolly sheep back?? baaaa!

the cousin flew in to sgp on sunday. but she was delayed for 22hrs!! some protests thingy again she says.

Little Miss Snooze said...

I really like NZ. :) Really hope to return some time soon. With bbnat, sure he will like the sheeps. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Qantas is driving me mad! See my latest post.

lms: I loved NZ! I would go back again I hope. This trip was too short. Great for kids definitely!