As a kid, whenever I was asked who I loved most in the world, my answer would invariably be My Sister. Or, more accurately, My Leetle Sista, as we like to say it :)

She fills a place in my heart no one else can. She also brings out in me a strong feeling of protectiveness and nurturing spirit. Till today, I would fiercely fight back if I feel she has been bullied, or wronged.

She's musical, artistic, intelligent, and has an incredible gentleness to her that makes her seem almost vulnerable sometimes. She also has a really adorable sense of humour, often coupled with a certain 'blurness' that characterises her unassuming personality.

It was wonderful to have spent a recent evening with her. Over beef noodles and speed shopping.

There is no one better to be a Beeg Sista to :)


Anonymous said...

you're really the sweetest... even through my moody times. i really dunno what i'll do without you!! big hugs to a dearest beeg sis :)

interestingly, our teeth look REALLY different! ;) then again we always knew that..hehe

Anonymous said...

you make me wish for a older/younger sister.

Anonymous said...

the photo's just so cute!! so toothy sweet. :)

pilgrimparent said...

What a lovely post!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

hemma: HUGSSS Yeah, it is funny that we are so different in the weirdest things! haha :)

moo: oh! and I've wished for an older brother :) Yours are great!

imp: yeah the grins of me and my sista!

pilgrimparent: thanks! It is something I've been meaning to write for a long time.

AlasMyDear said...

i think God is so pleased that He made something as beautiful as sisterly love :))

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

alasmydear: and we are thankful for it :)

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