No Lines Please

It was a forum with international speakers and participants.

With the exception of one speaker, I quite enjoyed the presentations. I was actually scribbling notes and putting into memory the content pieces that I personally found interesting.

I was particularly impressed with one of the reknown keynote speakers. He was humourous, sharp, and was like one of those old, fatherly professors. The type that is kind and gives good advice :) I wonder why I never had any of those professors when I was in Uni! (Although I did have one who would give lectures in shorts and Scooby Doo socks in the dead of winter)

Anyway, being the doodler I am, I was disappointed I didn't notice till much later that there were blank sheets in the given notebooks. The pages in the first half all had lines on them. I had dutifully started taking notes from the front of the book!

Notebooks are so much nicer without lines. But maybe, just maybe I took better notes this time...