Juggling Time


The weekend flew by so quickly as usual, with church service, dinners, lunches, a SATC movie, a housewarming (with a ton of kids tumbling around, great coffee and glasses of Choya) and a wedding (featuring bare-chested photos of the groom and a self-composed Chinese poem) to attend.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great company, conversations and food do make a good weekend.

But as I look into my calendar for the week, I’m feeling tired already! Every evening has been filled, and the weekend starting to as well.

How do others do it?!

And oh yah I also haven’t watched telly for a long, long time. So, for the umpteenth time, No, I have not seen the Gatsby ads!


Anonymous said...


make an evening to date your husband. to just have pizza at home or something. :) and get into bed by 11.30pm.

~tif;fany* said...

no need to watch teebee for those ads. catch them on youtube! ;)

AlasMyDear said...

you mean there are REALLY others who do all that? well i just say i'm busy, and hide at home if i'm tired. oops....that's just me :)

Anonymous said...

hello my dear, enjoy all these busyness with lunches, gatherings and such now. cos there might come a time when all these would have to drop.

for me, since i have a kid now, i miss these busyness + meeting people + doing things out there, so so so much! :)

but if u are exhausted from it all, thensometimes u just have to say NO. for yourself.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: haha, funnily we did go do pizza! buy in from Donato

tiff: gah! these days I guess I do that when asked to!

alasmydear: how do you do that?! I just get so excited about doing everything =P

wendy: a new mother's sacrifice! I guess I'll have to face that someday. Gulp

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