It HAS to fit!

I want to wear this dress to a wedding on Sunday.

BUT to my horror I now have great difficulty zipping it up :(

It is one of my favourite dresses. Fun, twirly and in a bright, unexpected, cheery colour.

I'm gonna abstain from all sweets from now till D-day.

Please let me fit!


Anonymous said...

OH. it will fit lah.

for an emergency, cut out ALL carbs, sugar and alcohol. zealously do so.

~tif;fany* said...

hey, very pretty!!! where from? :)

Anonymous said...

very nice. and yah, cutting out carbs work. (not that i've ever been fantastically successful at it though)

Anonymous said...

Oh this dress is such a delight! i like it too, love the yellow! :)

The Rust said...

yes! the dress is really pretty!!! I hope u fit soon! And then maybe u can ask me out so I can see u in it! :D

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Erm. Yes I can get in, but I can't sit without threatening to burst the zip :(

tiff: Max & Co. Long time ago though.

moo: I can't do it :( Managed to cut some sugar though...

wendy: Delight is the word :) I feel happy in it!

the rust: Are you the rust I know?! Horkay just don't try any karate chops. Anyway I gotta lose weight first.

AlasMyDear said...

i'm hoping along with you! that is one happy dress :)

just a couple days to go...hang in there!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

alasmydear: I ended up wearing another (looser) happy dress :) Thanks for hoping with me though! hee...btw, glad to hear your happy news too!

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