I'm not your Superwoman

My outfit apparently brought Superwoman to mind...
I have such wonderful friends ;)


imp said...

so cute!!!! because of the stars i suppose?? i like that red sling!

Fenghuo said...

Yes indeed =)

Pics of BRUNCH pls!

ame said...

because of stars, blue and red colours! it was a nice way to spend the morning :)

The Rust said...

wait... doesn't it look more like wonder woman's... erm.. shorts?


corsage said...

imp: Yes the stars, plus the colours - red and blue!

fenghuo: Yes sir, coming right up

ame: it was lovely indeed!

the rust: Oi! ROFL

wendy said...

i don't blame your frens, really... heehee. but i think it was a compliment! the top is pretty! :) not your usual kinda of boring plain spaghetti-top...

corsage said...

wendy: thanks! I love the colour and the stars are such fun :)

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