My boss often comments about the height of the heels that I wear.

On her more serious days, she would look down at my feet and exclaim: Oh My, how do you walk in THOSE?! And then start asking about whether the heels cause hurt my knees, back, feet etc.

I would gently proceed to tell her that I choose my shoes carefully, and that the slope of the arch, width of the heel, and type of material used all have to match up to my expectations for me to decide to wear a pair all day.

On her more whimsical, cheery days however, she has been known to come alongside me and suddenly start walking on tiptoes to attempt to understand what it could mean to be wearing the kind of heels I do. In her tiptoe gait, she would waddle past me, roar with laughter, and shout: How do you walk like that?!

It is on these days that I giggle and proclaim that even with my "how-do-you-walk-in-that" heels I am still shorter than her!


~tif;fany* said...

hah! so funny!

but your heels are the chunky kinds, so its not too bad!

shes too tall for heels??

Anonymous said...

your boss is hilarious!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

tiff: not all are these chunky though! She's tall enough to look elegant even without heels :)

imp: She is!!

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