Creepy Crawlies

I married a man who does not believe in killing insects in general. Unless they are cockroaches or mosquitoes. (I'm allergic to the latter's bites)

Other than that, ants, lizards and the like are left to share our living space.

Today, a wasp flew into our house. He was trying to "chase" it out of the windows. I was slightly mortified because I recall my mum being stung by a wasp at home many years ago. I remember seeing her thumb swelling three times its normal size. And I remember my dad quickly taking her to the doctors.

So I asked, Why don't you spray it with the insect killer?

He replied by saying he did not want to kill it. At one point, it flew so close to his face my heart skipped a beat, because I could see its long sting.

Finally, after strategically closing doors to lead and contain the insect in a room with opened windows, we think it has flown out.

Alive :)


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