Choices of a Child

I read somewhere that the deepest longlasting pain is experienced when a parent loses a child or when a child loses a parent. That it is the right of every child to have parents till he/she reaches young adulthood, and it is the right of every parent to not have to witness the death of his/her child.

There are however, many other causes of pain besides the death of a loved one.

I want to focus on the pain that can be caused by a child to parents. One always remains a child to his/her parents even when grown up. In making choices as an adult, a child can still cause unspoken hurt to the parents.

Choices made can always be explained, rationalized, supported, argued about, and decided on. But no matter the explanations or reasonings, choices always come together with consequences. We feel we can bear these consequences, that we are responsible, that we will sort it out when "the time" comes. That it is no one else's business.

But you know, it will always be the parents' business. Whether they show it or not. In their hearts and own quiet time they will care, they will worry, they will pray, they will laugh, they will cry. They know they have to let you go, but there will always be those ties that tug at their very beings.

Do we choose to tug those ties the right way?