Simple Fare

We are here at least once a week. For simple, delicious fare at value-for-money prices. There are literally 2 Chefs, both young, and from Ipoh. After a few years of patronising this stall, we have made friends with the family that runs this place. We've seen their children grow from newborns to little tots that run around the place every evening. We tell them when we are feeling under the weather, and the auntie that helps out will recommend the "right" foods to eat, among other remedies.

I have to have their Claypot Chicken every time I am there. I've never tasted better and I have since stopped trying at other places. Even proper restaurants.

Interestingly, we once saw KF Seetoh of the Makansutra fame with a whole table of friends. They were tucking into Drunken Prawns and other specialities as Seetoh gave a running commentary. Of course I was kind of eavesdropping! haha.


Anonymous said...

Me me. We met here too!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

moo: Very yummy!

mummybean said...

welcome to blogspot! :)

you always have great recommendations - and this isn't too far from me i think. shall check it out.

~tif;fany* said...

MS highly raved the restaurant!

did seetoh eat for free?!?!!!??

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